Duo! What's not to love?

Racheengel's Domain

The lair of Death

"Welcome to my domain- the home of myself, Racheengel, also known as Death.

Here you may find many things of many types. You may walk lighted hallways and traverse darkened dugeons. The lair is crazy, but not dangerous. Usually. Sometimes, however, Death welcomes its visitors......permanantly."

Your host grins and leans on the scythe she is holding. "That said, what do you think? I've expanded my Domain, moving the main foyer to the new part. The old foyer is also moved, and is now the main room of the Slayers wing. The new wing is still under construction and is not yet open. I have to stop being lazy and get some stuff together before I can open it. After all, what's the point of going if there's nothing there worth seeing?" At this point, a small figure with purple hair and a staff pops out of nowhere and on to your host's shoulder.

"Meanwhile, Chibi-Xel- my muse and pest- is supposed to be helping me with the Slayers wing. New stuff is underway there, and old stuff is getting moved into new rooms. He is not, however, playing the part of a good little muse and helping me finish my old stories." She scowls at the little figure on her shoulder, who merely grins back at her and raises his pointer finger. She rolls her eyes as a small dragon climbs up on to her other shoulder and makes the same gesture. "Xel-chan! You've been training Mazo again, haven't you?" The dragon and the mazoku smile in unison. Your host snorts.

"Anyway, since only the Slayers wing is open, you can only go one way." She throws her left arm out, pointing in that direction. "From there you can find my library, the gallery, my personal dossier, the guestbook, and the hall of portals. You can leave or you can follow me." She turns and walks off to the left, diasappearing into the darkness.

Off to your left you see a shadowy hallway.An unnamed chibi is busy nailing up a sign (uttering expletives and muttering something about "Gaav-sama") that reads-

"Slayers Wing"

To the right is another entranceway. This one, however, is boarded up. Various sounds of construction and even a few pitiful moans can be heard from that direction. Another chibi, this one with a long braid, is trying to prop up a sign. He looks at the sign and giggles. This one is sloppily lettered and reads-

"Gundam Wing Wing ---Under construction"

Both the chibies stare at you- one rudely and one cheerily. The braided one in black pipes up-

"Well? What're ya doing to do?"

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